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This course has been designed to meet the needs of Direct Care staff and Personal Care Aides. This course package meets the requirements for 6 CCR 1011-1 Ch. 26-8.6(E)(1)-(4).

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Elder Abuse and Neglect
This program teaches about the complexities of elder abuse in the home and presents signs and symptoms for each form of abuse. After viewing this program, caregivers will understand how to identify, prevent or report the various forms of elder abuse, including physical, sexual, emotional/psychological, and financial abuse, as well as neglect and ab ...

Environmental Hazards and Safety
In this course you will learn how to help create a safe, comforting environment, and how to keep it free from hazards. Creating and maintaining a safe environment is important for both you and your clients.

Infection Control
Good infection control starts with proper handwashing, but continues through many steps the caregiver can take. Understanding this topic will help you keep your clients - and yourself and others - as healthy as possible.

Observation, Reporting and Recording
As a caregiver your skills of observation, reporting and recording are vital to helping the rest of the care team provide the best care possible to your clients. Sharpen those skills with this class.

Promoting Your Client's Independence
Keeping clients as independent as possible is a cornerstone of good care. Learn how to maintain your clients' independence, while also providing care when needed. This course covers topics of skin care and positioning for more dependent clients, too.

Understanding Client Rights
No matter what the care setting, your clients have rights - rights to privacy, dignity, independence and respect, among other things. Learn how to apply these rights in your daily work with all clients.

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