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To be an effective Homemaker and Companion, training is essential. This course has been specifically designed to meet the requirements for training the Homemaker/Companion in Florida and meets the initial training requirements listed in FAR 59A-18.009 to ensure you are appropriately trained to offer the best care to your clients.

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Becoming a Caregiver
This course covers the core values of caregiving, understanding the range of caregiver duties, the basics of client rights, and understanding other team members' roles.

Caregiving Tasks and Client Populations
Learn the basic scope of a caregiver's job including how to preserve your clients' safety and integrity, help with mobility and independence, and how to work within the rules and regulations that govern your job.

Communicating with Others
This course will help you understand how to communicate with impaired clients, individuals with Alzheimer's or memory loss, agitated people and others in your work.

Ethics and Personal Rights
Ethics is the art of knowing the right thing to do, even in confusing circumstances. This course will help you better manage those gray areas when it's hard to know the right thing to do.

Human Needs and Development
Learn about basic needs and how the aging individual's needs change. Gain an understanding of the issues of death and sexuality in aging, too.

Instrumental Activities of Daily Living
Many caregivers assist clients with daily living tasks like cooking, cleaning, shopping, transportation, medication and even pet care. Learn how to do these tasks efficiently and appropriately with this course.

Nutrition and Hydration
Proper nutrition and adequate hydration are some of the most important aspects to maintaining the health of your clients. Learn how to manage these elements and how to prepare or supervise healthy meals with this course.

Observation, Reporting and Recording
As a caregiver your skills of observation, reporting and recording are vital to helping the rest of the care team provide the best care possible to your clients. Sharpen those skills with this class.

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